What I Mean By, “Living My Life Backwards.”

How could I know the best part of my life would begin at age seventy? That then I would become an interviewer, an author, a story teller, sort of a personality, and for the first time ever become so immersed in what I was doing, that at those moments I was doing it, nothing else seemed to matter. What a feeling! I still feel it at ninety. That gives meaning to my life. That extends life! And it’s something YOU can experience. I think that is the main reason why I wrote the memoir my good friend, Jordan Rich, just spoke about. I’m not a special person, I’m just a person like any of you listening to this podcast. So I’m hoping my life, and my use of my particular characteristics of Friendship, Inquisitiveness, and Maturation, may help you find yours at any time of life. In this segment I tell of my first book, “Voices of Brookline,” about my hometown and some of the ordinary and famous people in it, a book I’ve written on my passion for music, titled “Intimate Conversations, Face  to Face with Matchless Musicians,” and how my second career unfolded. In the last twenty years or so, leading to my memoir, “Larry Ruttman: A Life Lived Backwards.” And about some of the people in my life you’ll meet here and later.

People, always people!